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Harvest Temple supports missionaries through the United Pentecostal Church International. These missionaries are:

Bir, Joseph and Loretta - South America Peru - http://globalmissions.com/bir

Brochu, Paul and Darla - Europe/Middle East France - http://globalmissions.com/brochu

Crossley, Darry and Kathy - South America Regional Director - http://globalmissions.com/crossley

Flowers, David and Donna - Pacific Philipines - http://globalmissions.com/flowers

Kim, E.J. - Asia South Korea - http://globalmissions.com/kim

Landaw, Gary and Kristi - Central America/Caribbean Puerto Rico & Trinidad/Tobago — http://globalmissions.com/landaw-gary

Reed, Kenneth and Shelba - Pacific Fiji

Riddick, Terry and Cheryl - Africa Cameroon - http://globalmissions.com/riddick-terry

Robertson, Jim and Latitia - Europe/Middle East Poland - http://globalmissions.com/robertson

Smith, Howard and Vonda - Europe/Middle East Spain -http://globalmissions.com/smith-howard

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